Thoughts re: Today’s WSJ article on Yahoo!’s APT

Jessica Vascellaro’s WSJ article this morning on Yahoo!’s display ad platform, APT, caught my attention. The problem Yahoo! is trying to solve with APT – (quoting Jessica) “that it remains a big pain today for advertisers to buy display ads across multiple sites and for publishers who have lots of online advertising space to sell to find demand for it” – is exactly the problem we founded to solve. And indeed we have been solving it for the past year, working with the biggest Brand advertisers and the best publishers to do so. We have re-assembled a good chunk of the team that worked with Brands at Yahoo! during the golden years under Dan Rosensweig, Greg Coleman and Wenda Millard (before the re-focusing of the company on Search and DR display). 75% of our revenue comes from the Ad Age 100 (most of it from the Ad Age 15), and our campaigns are delivering tremendous, measurable results for our clients. So web wide Brand buying doesn’t need to await the next, next and next generations of APT or any other solution – we’re on it today.

Author: Andy Atherton

I am currently COO at Regher Solar. Complete background on LinkedIn...

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