Mike Linton on shiny objects

Approaching the anniversary of our first “official” publication, I wanted to highlight a recent, thought-provoking article by Mike Linton, former CMO of eBay and Best Buy.

Linton raises some very important points about the limitations of some of the new capabilities enabled by the Internet in the context of the less flashy businesses that spend the majority of marketing dollars.  As he puts it, “Maybe the paper towel Facebook community or lawn fertilizer Tweets might work for you, but I doubt it”.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The higher level message here is not that the Internet isn’t an extremely important media vehicle.  It unquestionably is.  But we shouldn’t abandon everything we’ve learned as marketers over the years in our pursuit of the latest in a never-ending series of shiny objects.  Some of today’s shiny objects will become valuable, scalable tools, but many more of them won’t.

Linton didn’t get to be CMO of eBay by being an internet skeptic.  I think marketers would be wise to consider this perspective.

About Andy Atherton
I am currently an SVP at AppNexus. I previously spent four years as COO and cofounder of Brand.net, a pioneer in programmatic reserve technology and leading digital media buying solution for top brands. Prior to Brand.net, I was Vice President of Pricing and Yield Management for Yahoo!, responsible for maximizing monetization of a global portfolio of display inventory worth $2B annually. Beginning in 2002, I created, developed and globalized Yahoo’s PYM function over a period of five years. Prior to Yahoo!, I was president and cofounder of Optivo, a venture-backed start-up that developed price optimization software for e-commerce retailers. More on LinkedIn...

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