…and “Go” they did!

A great blog post from Yahoo! Monday with another example of great brand work ringing the cash register.

This Quaker campaign certainly created a personal impact for me and the data from Y! proves I have *lots* of company in that regard.  Remember when this ran – March of 2009, the very blackest bottom of the financial meltdown.  The message was positive, energizing and timely.  A great combination that clearly activated customers.  According to Nielsen, the campaign generated $1.2M incremental sales.  Estimating that the 2 half-day Y! FP executions described cost ~$300K each that would yield ~100% ROI.  Not too shabby.

Yet more proof that well-executed brand campaigns efficiently drive sales where it matters: offline.

Author: Andy Atherton

I am currently COO at Regher Solar. Complete background on LinkedIn...

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