The Ad Network for Demand Creation

Extremely interesting article in MediaPost last week, including three important points I want to focus on.

The first point is the quote by President & CEO Jim Spanfeller.  He says, “Ad network spending is all about demand fulfillment while direct-to-publisher display is much aligned with the traditional advertising goals of demand creation.  It is interesting to see the shift of dollars toward demand creation as we see signs of life in the economy.  He’s right of course that the vast majority of ad networks are focused on demand fulfillment or DR or “bottom-of-the-funnel” (pick your favorite expression).  But there’s an embedded assumption in his statement that the only alternative to DR-focused networks is direct-to-publisher.  This is not true. delivers the positives of an ad network – scalability and efficiency – with a unique platform that was built by brand media experts for brand media experts. is the only ad network exclusively focused on demand creation – branding.  The second point is the fact that half of the 100 senior marketing executives surveyed by Forbes were unhappy with ad networks due to underperformance vs. expectations.  This is a particularly important point in an environment where dollars are scarce and ad networks are plentiful; both advertisers and publishers should chose their ad network partners carefully.  Finally, the article highlights some marketer concerns with BT – specifically, effectiveness and privacy.  That’s a meaty topic for another post, but suffice to say that I believe those waters will get murkier before they get more clear.  Stay tuned.

Author: Andy Atherton

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